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August 03, 2015

He's training police officers to shoot first, and he'll answer questions later

This bogus expert gets killer cops off regardless of the facts.

Flamboyantly dressed military vet vows to beat up gays at Russian Pride rally

Work it, honey.

Is Caitlyn Jenner willingly and purposefully getting schooled on her own show?

Planned Parenthood defunding bill fails first test vote in Senate

The Republicans' war on women's reproductive health and freedom is not over, but their bluster and doctored videos do not give them the votes they need. I stand with my sisters.

More here.

Mayor of Jamaican capital to speak at Pride event

Gambian men charged under anti-gay law acquitted

Leslie Jordan threw sweet iced tea in Starbucks fight

Glad to have this clarification.

Teen Jerusalem Pride Marcher Dies From Stabbing

Grim news. It is not enough for Mr. Netanyahu to condemn such violence. He must stop creating the climate that leads to it.

Republicans still wedded to 'dangerous lifestyle' canard

How many times are these stubborn fools going to hit the same iceberg?

Vietnam Pride

Stockholm Pride in 15 pictures

Despite the world's terrors, gay folk still celebrate their lives and loves. So this morning I want to share glimpses from a few Pride festivals. This one's from Sweden.

Several LGBTI rights protesters arrested in St Petersburg

(Hat tip: Peter Tatchell)

August 02, 2015

Do not miss Keith Hamilton Cobb at Anacostia Playhouse: American Moor

(Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

I cannot praise highly enough the author and star of American Moor, Keith Hamilton Cobb (@KeithHamCobb), at Anacostia Playhouse through August 16. If you love theater, and Shakespeare in particular, do not miss this. His passion, love, intelligence, and rage are powerfully and movingly expressed. The situation is an audition for Othello, but the first character he inhabits is that of Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Wonderful stuff.

Here is a review.

Click here for tickets.

August 01, 2015

Rallies for victims of Jerusalem stabbing held in major Israeli cities

Also: Aeyal Gross in Haaretz on Why the Israeli government’s condemnation of Jerusalem Gay Pride attack is hollow.

July 31, 2015

Jewish Extremists Suspected in West Bank Arson That Killed Palestinian Toddler

If you are an American taxpayer, your tax dollars are helping to subsidize the West Bank occupation (now in its 49th year) that perpetuates this.

'Synthetic marijuana' is nothing like marijuana (so stop calling it that)

Interview with #JerusalemPride organizer who witnessed attack

Mother Loses Fight To Keep Alabama From Recognizing Late Son's Marriage

Thank goodness. This woman's behavior reflects standard operating procedure for many gay people's birth families over the years. Bereaved same-sex partners, at the worst possible time, have been excluded from funerals, seen their joint property stolen, their entire lives upended and defiled by people who refused to respect their supposed loved one's love. Some of those excluded and robbed in this way have killed themselves out of despair. Our collective fight for marriage equality, sustained over many years, is making a positive difference in countless lives, and thwarting intolerance and selfishness.

Obama unveils new HIV strategy

Man arrested for drinking Arizona iced tea

Man Gets Arrested For Drinking Arizona Iced Tea!

Man Gets Arrested For Drinking Arizona Iced Tea!

Posted by LATRUTH on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This asshole cop deserves to have the living crap beaten out of him, as does every single other cop or (for that matter) private citizen who defends this harassment and thereby enables it. They need to knock this shit off, fire cops who do this, or abolish the police altogether. Cell phone cameras are revealing so much of this sociopathic behavior by law enforcement officers that we can only presume that the behavior has been going on for years, and is only now coming to light because of cameras being ubiquitous and videos being easily shared on social media. This behavior by police is intolerable. There cannot be peace without justice. Public officials need to be put on notice: show the backbone to put a stop to this or leave office.